Michelle Orrego

As a mom with two boys life can be very stressful, especially during these times with homeschooling, and the looming anxiety of this pandemic. Visiting “The Soul Lodge” was exactly what I needed. My boys really needed this too! We get caught up as parents in our own stresses we don’t realize that our children are not only feeling our tension and stress, they also have their own with zoom classes, lack of socialization, and no sporting events “The Soul Lodge” is a sanctuary custom made for comfort and relaxation. We were transformed by the Crystal light table, and we were revitalized by the singing bowls. Jessica also uses her expertise in Reiki, and her intuition to really hone in on your specific needs to unblock anything that may be disrupting your pAth to healing. This is a haven created for all ages, and I would highly recommend any of her services as well as the magical private location itself!

Michele S

Both my children and I consider the soul lodge to be a sacred special place where we can go to release stress and connect with each other. As a single mom, the stresses of work and life often create blockages for my relationship with myself and my children. The therapeutic work that we do at the soul lodge frees those blocks and regrinds and recanters our energy as a family.

Jason R

The soul lodge is amazing! The experience I had there was healing, enlightening, relaxing and uplifting. I felt taken care of, deeply supported and spiritually nourished by the many amazing healing modalities. Its a place for you to go deep within your soul in a caring environment to remember the pure and infinite love inside of you. You will Love it!